Every single thing you DO matters!

One of the biggest discoveries we faced on our plant powered life journey, is the understanding of that every single thing we do does matter. When we start understanding that we are all one, life takes on whole new meaning and opens a new truly meaningful way of existence. The life gets new taste, new perspective, it is life of adventure and it is a spiritual journey that brings joy and happiness in every day.

When I talk about us all being one, I do not only talk about humans, I include trees, plants, animals, birds, seas and oceans, forest and dessert. We all have life in common, we all share this planet. We are all connected. And every single thing we do, think matters and has an impact.

It is much easier to think that it is my life, my space, my money, but reality is bigger than that. Now with the globalisation we have a chance to see more than we ever saw, with Internet we have chance to reach to many more that ever before. And we should make an effort and open our eyes and mind to see beyond the point of our little interests. The new aprouch to life is needed a ‘wholistic’ approach to our life. When I say ‘wholistic’ I mean seeing all as one, understanding that everything we do has an huge impact not only on our life but life of many many others on this planet and the life of planet as well. 

Unfortunately most of globalisation process was misunderstood and took a path of violence. But I am sure that all the violence and disconnection is just a short path that humanity took and it will be corrected by all of us very soon. The only way to correct the unfairness of the world is by seeing it, commenting on it, taking an action and being the change we want to see.

The most common and truly wrong thinking is

  • There is a lot of unfair things in the world
  • The world is just this way
  • I don’t want to be the first to change my behavior
  • That is not my fault it is the others
  • I will do it just for the last time
  • I will start on Monday

In this global world we have a chance to create a better world, the one from eden garden, with all being one and living in harmony. That is my dream to live in the world of kindness and beauty, nature and peace.

First step is to understand that all our choices have big impact on life. We all influence each other and have power of inspiration or have a power of  discouraging each other. It only truly takes one person to change the whole world and that should be you on the first place, and today I choose to be the hero that will make this world a better place for myself and for all.

Only 3 questions you have to ask yourself 

– Do you want to breath fresh air?

– Do you want to drink clean water?

– Do I want yourself and your family to be healthy?

If you can try to understanding how this 3 things work you can change the world to better place. You do not have to give money to the environment groups to improve any of this life forces. It only takes refining of your daily habits and actions to contribute to the health of the planet.  Realise that all you consume and dispose has a bigger chain of events that food and stuff passing through your life. In  somehow can contribute to the healthiness of those 3 aspects it is a win for all! And the life will continue.


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