Reinventing eating habits.

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Our plant based journey started with the idea that maybe, if we eat only plants we will gain health. Not that we were sick. At least back then I considered myself and my husband being very healthy, and feeling good. I knew about couple bad habits that I have, but i was sure that I am living very healthy life.

When now I think of me 3 years ago or even 5 months ago, I understand how much healthier and how much better I feel now. To be honest now I understand, that I was sick before, because I did not feel even a 10% of how good I feel now.

Some of us do not know what feeling good and healthy is, as I did not know in the beginning of my plant based journey.  And unfortunately, some will never feel at their best. Some even say that it is normal to feel bad, especially as with age we all start feeling worse. Do you think this way? If yes, you have two options.

  • Option 1. Forget about this stupid non sense, change your mid NOW! The only true about this statement is that somebody conditioned you into false thinking. And make space in your mind to unlearn. 
  • Option 2. Close this blog and die in suffering very soon.


Switching to plants

Is not easy for many reasons. But if you fully understand the reasons and will try to apply them to your life, there will be no return. And by the way it is not one way street. You can always jump of this train, but not giving it a try will be stupid.

To rethink your plate is not an easy task. Think for a moment about all the people who told you how to eat, what to eat, how many times to eat, and what not to eat. To change to Plant Based Diet is like to learn everything from the beginning. Just because our society was teaching you a different way of eating all your life, does not mean it is right. Many things that society, governments, universities teach us are not very good. So why food will be different.

I learned that the most important is to stay open minded, and create some space in your head for new knowledge. And yes, you will have to learn a lot, and most of the time not about what to put on your plate, but about yourself. You will learn about your habits and your relationship with food, world, family, animals, plants, earth, soil. You will connect to yourself on a new better higher level. You will see how in a bit, you will be kinder, richer, feel more complete, you will become more interesting person (at least to yourself). Switching to healthy whole foods plant based diet is like going on a very long journey, that might take long time, but all that you will learn on the way you will cherish forever. Maybe because it will be your own true knowledge, about yourself and the world around you.


I remember that I had 1000 questions about Vegan Plant Based Diet. The most difficult question:

‘Is it safe for me and my family?’

It is not only safe, it is beneficial, for every single human to only eat whole foods plant based diet.

“What do I have to know?”

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet will provide your body with all healthy nutrition: vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Whole Foods Plant Based Diet does not mean that you will cook the same staff that you did before. It is not about taking your animal product out of your plate only. You do not have to supplement anything, but no matter what your diet is you should take vitamin D and B-12. Get yourself couple vegan cook books and start cooking 😉 will give you an idea of what is this magical world of real food.

Where am I going to take the protein from?

All Plants have protein, and even better they have more suitable protein for your body. Do not worry about getting not enough of protein, you actually do not need much of it. The only people who worry about protein are dairy producers, animal agriculture owners (both are usually owned by government)

To fully understand the protein problem, it is very important to question yourself: how did you actually learn about how important protein is?

Usual protein concerns:

For nerdy reader, recommended amount of daily protein intake is that 8-10% percent from total calories. Meat may be 35-60% protein (most of the rest being fat) whereas plants have roughly 8-12% protein naturally, along with fat, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. 

Iron (the one responsible for your hemoglobin level) – there is more iron in green leafy greens than in meat. Iron only gets absorbed in our body with vitamin C. Plants that have iron usually designed the way that they have vitamin C. Mix leafy greens into your diet and you will never be Iron deficient. 

Proteins – Animal products have all amino acids in one place, plants do not. That is true, but having all amino acids in one place is not good for your body. Individual Plants do not have complete amino acids, but on Plant Based Diet you will eat a variety of plants, and all that you need will be synthesised in your blood.

Understanding, that eating animal products  will always lead you to have to much protein in your blood. That is directly linked with growth of cancer cells and many other decease (osteoporosis, arthritis, heart decease) Well, just look at your grandparent, and parents and you will see the result of diets full of animal products. Nothing is more powerful, than what you eat,  nothing has more influence on your body then food that you consume 3 to 10 times a day.

How to start?

Read, learn, research, listen, explore, share!

If you feeling like going vegan and have questions  do not hesitate and contact me through contact form. 😉


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 17.11.05

Here us the book that helped me connect with plants and learn to love them beyond salad and side dishes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 17.16.34Daren’s book Superlife tells about life forces. He is very convincing, and most important inspiring.


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 17.44.33For changing to Healthy Plant Based Gluten Free Diet in style connect with

Scientist at work.

Here are couple scientific resources where you can find answers for you plant based questions

I am currently taking a course on Plant Based Nutrition in Cornel University

And I suggest their blog for questions/ answers

My husband favourite scientific portal about Nutrition  (my advise to turn on subtitles)


If you would like to listen to Plant Based Lifestyle thinkers you should listen to this guy and his amazing guests.


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 17.32.02It is hard to convince some family members, that plant power is the way, so they have to watch happy movies 😉

Forks over Knifes is a great movie about Plant Based Diet. Must see!


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