Vegan Barcelona

Barcelona is now my home town. It is considered to be ‘jamon’ capital of the world, but actually it is one of the most health conscious cities in Europe. Plant based, organic, vegan spots are appearing in the city very quickly. As well as there is a fast growing community  of yogis and animal lovers. If you come to Barcelona here are the spots I recommend.

Mother c/ Joaquin Costa 26, 08001 Barcelona //  c/ Gran Via 700, 08010 Barcelona

Cold Press Juices and snacks. Turmeric Lemon Shot is must try.


Blue Project Fondation Calle de la Princesa 57 · 08003 · Barcelona 

When you enter Blue Project Cafe you find your self in a really relaxing space.

It is the mix of veggies with spices that makes this place smell so unique. Raw fresh ingredients, fruits juices together with a relaxed the sound of the music.

Big white walls and plants in the pots that hang from the sealing. Everything makes a statement about simple but sophisticated nature of this place.

Use of natural rustic woods, recycled coffee bags for the pillows, makes it very cosy. and invites you to relax.

At the the end of the place you will find a wonderful library of books. The books on cooking and eco lifestyle, healthy and raw foods.

Creative food 100% Organic, 100% Raw and 100% Vegan with many Gluten Free options. 

                                                                                                           Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.07.31



RasoTerra  Carrer de Palau, 5 08002 Barcelona

In the heart of the Gothic neighbourhood wonderful 100% organic Vegetarian Bistrot.

Gluten free or vegan options are well marked. Handcrafted vine list.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.14.29


Petit Brot Carrer del Dr. Dou, 10, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


Raw and living food that is how they summarise this cute new place in Barcelona.

The atmosphere is very airy and it is wonderful to come to this place with beautiful big window and single big table in the middle of the place. The owners are the cooks and they love to explain how food works at their place. 100% made with love form organic and fair trade foods. Very exiting to see new raw place in the area of Raval, Barcelona.

Hummus Barcelona  // Valencia 227

Very good hummus and big salads. Perfect for lunch. The team is very friendly and almost all dishes are vegan.

Music play list at the place was amazing, we were singing along with amazing food.



Veggie Garden // Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 600, 08007 Barcelona 
Open all day and close to Catalunia.
Indian and European food. 100% Vegan
Cheap and big portions. My favourite is Luxuries Thali without gluten 🙂


If you looking for place to buy Organic foods there are plenty of stores.

The bigger ones are Veritas and WokiMarket they have several stores around the city.


If in Barcelona, don’t be shy and drop me a line. I will be happy to suggest more food spots, yoga or workouts for men and women.

If you are traveling to Barcelona please write me. I am always happy to make a good list of to-do for those who are interested in healthy, vegan and active lifestyle.

We also host vegan dinners at our place, please write me to get the details 🙂


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