Vegan Moscow


Moscow is a great destination for vegans. In Russia there is a great tradition for vegan food, but mostly they call it “postnoe” which comes from word “post”- meaning lent.

Lent is referred to Great lent – it is the most important fasting season in Orthodox Church. During this 40 day fasting no animal can be eaten, with some exceptional days when fish can be consumed. For the reason of lend in Russia there is a great tradition of vegan meals.

During lend days each restaurant will offer lend menu. And most common products in the shop will be produced with lent or vegan recipe. So basically it is Vegan paradise! Most of the shops will clearly mark the vegan or lend appropriate foods.

However if you are not traveling to Russia during the lent season you will also find plenty of vegan options in the old and new trendy places. Veganism and Raw eating  is a new trend a Russia, so believe me you are not going to stay hungry, but quite the opposite you will enrich your  ideas of what one can create with purely plant based ingridients.


Fresh  raw, gluten free and vegan and vegetarian options

Multiple locations in Moscow

Fresh is a trendy place, with great and cosy design. Food can be simple and quit complicated. Food portions are great. Vegan friend be careful with ghee, and honey.Otherwise vegan options are clearly marked.


Have A Nice Day raw, gluten free and vegan and vegetarian options

location: Tzvetnoy Mall, Tzvetnoy Boulivard, 15-1. 5th floor

Have a nice day is a beautiful roof top restaurant inside my favourite shop Tzvetnoy. The view from H.A.N.D. is on the old Moscow rooftops and Tzvetnoy boulevard. The space is filled with light and is an Oasis in any kind of weather.

There are plenty options on the menu that are clearly market. However there are more vegetarian options than vegan. The menu is packed with raw options. Not to be missed is avocado roll, however it is a bit spicy.


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