The intention to maximize relaxation or perfect vacation.

You worked so hard and you do deserve the time to rest. Vacation! Counting the days before packing the suitcase and leaving to the sun. New dress, new book and bikini. Hotel booked, tickets ready. Yes I am ready for vacation! Yet somehow instead of relaxing and drinking green juices we can find ourselves browsing airport shops, staying in line for touristic attraction, being hungover or tired of the company we chose for our vacation time.


To make the best out of vacation time it is important to set an intention to maximize relaxation. And reminding yourself of this intention throughout the vacation time, will help to get back home from the best vacation of your life.


  1. Look for new inspiration. Vacation means lots of free time, try to avoid shopping or going to your usual websites. Try something new: sketching, writing, meditation?
  2. Set the intention not to drink alcohol and eat ice creams. It is so hot outside, ice cold water and fruits will do the trick.
  3. You do not have to try all the traditional dishes of the area that you visit, instead, make research of all the healthy vegan spots available. Use vacation to reset to good habits, perhaps they will stick for the rest of the year.
  4. Do not feel pressured to see all touristic attractions in the area, or spend the day on the beach or night at the nightclub. Try to get away from the erge to be entertained. Perhaps being lazy and bored is what your body and mind needs the most.
  5. Spending holidays with friends or family means being flexible and dealing with wishes of others, be kind but have plenty of space for your own things. Why not blocking some time to do things on your own.


Here are my favourite practices to reconnecting with my blissful self and the universal love.


  1. I love to dive underwater with the head under water and listing to my heartbeat. To make the heartbeat louder try swimming around first.
  2. Looking at the patterns of the water in the sea or in the pool. The wind plays with the water making the tiny and big ribbons on the water. Sitting still and watch the water, sun and wind form the most beautiful patterns. This connects me with the natural energy filling me up with love and joy.  
  3. My absolutly favourite is closing the eyes, and feeling the wind on my skin. The sensation of the wind on the skin is like a doorway to connect to myself on a deep level. Perhaps it is the loving touch of the wind that is so soothing. When the mind is in a receptive mode, the energy of the wind can instantly transform the body’s energy. Give it a try, it is like learning to ride the bike, once you know how to do it, you will never forget.  

I know it is very cool to collect beautiful stones or shells on the beach, put just give a try and go collect some tiny plastic bits of the items that were not supposed to be on the beach. Do not get angry with those who put it on the beach, just keep on looking for more things to bring to recycling. Looking for small plastic parts in the send or stones, will also give pleasure to the eyes looking at natural beauties of the sea life. The washed out colors will calm the mind and bring the connections with Earth’s energy back into a magical place.  


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